Learning How to Code | Thanks to Start.ng and FlutterWave

I recently started learning how to code. That’s the surface gist. Lol.

Anyone who knows me would know I have always had a thing for technology and while I have delved into different aspects over the years, one would wonder “why coding, again?”. Long, but not too long story”. I am not one person to sit still in a place and be comfortable when I know my heart is somewhere, willing to embrace all its desires. And when the opportunity presents itself? I jump at it!

I am a Web Content Writer and Developer. I have been doing this for about 4 years and while it seemed ordinary at first, I have grown from being completely clueless to being a professional, with adequate knowledge, resource and experience to carry on. All thanks to the opportunities that came (and still come) my way and the ones I deliberately sought out for.

This is why when Start.ng started this internship, I could not but jump at it to finally get an idea of coding and see what to make of it. Yes, I might not be a developer tomorrow, as I would eventually have to choose a subsection which might not be what you think. But then, the knowledge stays with me and that is the beauty of everything.


I want to use this opportunity to appreciate The Flutter Wave for sponsoring this internship and giving people like me a chance to start from the scratch without being lost.

There is still a lot to learn and I sincerely look forward to it, hoping I do not get tired or back out along the line.

gunjur-coast Gambia

Travel and Tourism in The Gambia

As small as the country is, both in size and number, The Gambia is popularly known for tourism, with visits from tourists of different races and religion. Worthy of note is also that the government has the policy to promote tourism and its contribution to economic growth, thereby raising the living standards of Gambians.

Travel throughout The Gambia is generally trouble-free, which encourages more tourists to visit whenever they want to and look around as much as they would love to. However, while it is guaranteed to be troublefree, travelers are advised to stay out of trouble and any potential threats.

Who are the Bumstars in The Gambia? 

Originating from the English word, Bum, which refers to a begger or layabout, Bumsters in the Gambia are the people on the street who try to harass tourists for their own benefits. This is often an issue for some tourists, as they find it uncomfortable, strange and a sort of entitlement.

Health for Tourists in The Gambia

The Gambia is a third-world country and as such, one should expect deteriorating health, as the living conditions aren’t favorable. The CDC and WHO recommend taking the following vaccinations before traveling, just to be safe: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia , and influenza.

Living Condition and Language Barrier

The living condition in the Gambia often depends on a lot of factors but it is generally okay, depending on where you reside. Timbu offers options for hotels and guest houses around the world and could help you find one in The Gambia. 

While the country claims to have English as its official language, you would be surprised how language could still be a barrier. Many of them speak their tribal languages but the most common is the Wolof language, spoken by both the young and the elderly. Perhaps, with time, depending on how long you stay, you might pick up simple words like Nagadef interpreted as “how are you doing”.


About Paddy Adenuga, Social Media People and Random Bants

I just read Paddy Adenuga’s story in the early hours of this morning on how he nearly bought Chevron Netherlands. I know I’m late to the party but I’ll forgive myself for postponing it due to its length (it took me roughly 70 Minutes by the way; feel free to call me a slow reader, but I really had to digest it).

Anyway, before now, I’d seen different reactions to it on social media and now that I’ve read it, let’s discuss.

Let me start by giving Paddy a bow for being a very brilliant storywriter. I got glued from the very first line and I could picture myself in every scene. What more could I ask for from a lengthy piece? (more…)

walking on water

Walking On Water

Matthew 14:22-32

When you hear “walking on water” what comes to mind first? For me, it is the part of the bible that talks about Jesus Christ walking on water and Peter taking the lead. Or who else has walked on water?

Now, that’s the physical aspect of walking on water. We will make use of this phrase figuratively and apply it to our lives presently. Of course, I’m not asking you to go walk on water right now. If it were possible, we’d probably have gone to experiment it, but well…

Do you know the only reason you won’t try walking on a pool of water is because you fear that you will sink? It’s even worse if you don’t know how to swim. I know I can’t walk on (physical) water, and I won’t dare try. If you see me trying to walk on water, then it’s clear that I have overcome a part of my fear, for me to take that bold step of trying at all. You’d just watch in amazement as I lift my legs to give it a try.


Faith walk

My Faith Walk is a Journey


“I’ve gone through enough faith trials. What is God testing again?”. This is something anyone close to me must have heard in one of those times of telling me “your Faith is only being tried”. This is because I’ve had, and still have, many encounters that will pass as “trying of my faith”.

I remember asking the Holy Spirit to tell me the “section” of my faith walk that he wants me to talk about.

Sometimes, I can’t but think the “Faith” in my name is the reason I encounter this much. There are times I feel great about it, because it pushes me to hold on still, and there are other times I just wonder why God is busy working out my faith, like, isn’t it enough? Haven’t I had enough?

It was recently God told me clearly “your faith walk is a journey”. This didn’t make much sense at first, but it gradually did as he took me through it.


Should I Talk About My Relationship Online?

One of the most discussed issues surrounding social media is on what to post and what to discard. Hence, the ‘is it right to talk about my relationship on social media?’.

Beautiful question, really.

It’s a beautiful thing to be in love; to have someone who ignites your life and make you feel like the best living creature.

We all respond to love in different ways. For some, it is by telling whoever cares (or doesn’t), how much they’re in love. This can be both beautiful and dangerous.


How to Live an Active and Impacting Offline Life, and Why


I call myself an internet rat, because I do a lot of things online. I must say that the internet is many things; it can be distracting, disturbing, educating, inspiring, and many more. The internet can make or mar you, as little as it may seem, and it’s funny how time flies so quick while you have your eyes glued to your screen. You keep scrolling down your screen and flipping through tabs and different applications; you decide to take a glance at your time and you discover an hour or two is gone. Oops!